You can find information by clicking on each system below, or by contacting our technical support team, your local VMAC Dealer, or visiting our Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base

The VMAC Knowledge Base is a database of helpful product information that dealers and customers can easily navigate through to find what they need to quickly help resolve problems with a VMAC system.

Application Lists

You can view our extensive line of UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressor Systems, Direct-Transmission™ Mounted Air Compressor Systems and Throttle Controls on our Application Lists. If you don’t see your vehicle, please contact our inside sales team to find out what other options VMAC has available.

Bid Specifications

VMAC makes this easy with bid specifications available to download.

Air Tool Consumption

It is always best to check the specifications with your tool manufacturer, but if this information is not available, this air tool consumption list will provide a rough guideline.


Check out our complete list of VMAC Installation and Owner’s Manuals to learn proper installation, maintenance and operation of your VMAC air compressor system.

Service Kits

Regular servicing and maintenance ensures your VMAC air compressor will continue to offer powerful performance and a long service life. To quality for warranty coverage, VMAC air compressors must follow the servicing schedules outlined in the Product(s) Owner’s Manual. VMAC reserves the right to ask for a completed logbook (found at the back of the Owner’s Manual) or proof of purchase of service kits.

Illustrated Parts Lists

Check out our complete list of VMAC Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL) to help determine a part needed for your VMAC air compressor system.

Compressor Oil SDS

Download the latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, SDS (Formerly MSDS) sheet here.