VMAC Product Warranty Policies & Registration

VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited) Policy

VMAC rotary screw air compressor systems are known around the world for their performance and reliability; because of this second-to-none quality, VMAC backs its compressors with a Lifetime Warranty.

VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited) Details

A VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited) is offered on the base air compressor only and only on UNDERHOOD™, Hydraulic Driven, Direct-Transmission Mounted, Gas and Diesel Engine Driven, Multifunction Power Systems, Lincoln Air Vantage Systems S700162 and S700159, and other products as defined by VMAC, provided that (i) the purchaser fully completes and returns a warranty registration form within 3 months of purchase, or 200 hours of operation, whichever occurs first; (ii) services are completed in accordance with the Owner’s Manual; (iii) proof of purchase of applicable service kits are made available to VMAC upon request.

The VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited) is applicable to new products shipped on or after 1 October, 2015, except for Lincoln Air Vantage Systems.

The Lifetime Warranty is applicable to Lincoln Air Vantage Systems S700162 and S700159 shipped on or after 1 May, 2017.

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Air-End Lifetime Warranty (Limited) Policy

How Do I Register My VMAC Lifetime Warranty (Limited)?

To qualify for the warranty, the product must be registered in the VMAC warranty registration program within 3 months of purchase, or 200 hours of operation.

VMAC Warranty Registration

VMAC Standard Warranty (Limited)

VMAC Standard Warranty (Limited) Policy is for the following products:

  • UNDERHOOD™ Air Compressors
  • Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressors
  • Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors
  • Hydraulic Driven Air Compressors
  • Multifunction Power Systems
  • OEM Custom Solutions
  • Direct-Transmission Mounted Air Compressors & Multi-Power Systems
  • Throttle Commander

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Standard Warranty (Limited) Policy

Lincoln Air Vantage (Limited) Warranty

A Lifetime Warranty (Limited) is applicable to Lincoln Air Vantage Systems S700162 and S700159 shipped on or after 1 May, 2017. The engine and compressor are warranted separately by the manufacturers. Below is the VMAC Lincoln Air Compressor (Limited) Warranty.

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Lincoln (Limited) Warranty

How will VMAC fix any problems?

VMAC will fix or replace any compressor that breaks down due to a manufacturer defect. Any problems must be reported to VMAC within 10 days of initial discovery. If required by VMAC, compressors must be sent to a facility designated by VMAC within 30 days of discovery. Whether the compressor is fixed or replaced is at VMAC’s discretion.

If a replacement is required, you purchase it from your dealer, VMAC then credits the dealer, and the dealer in turn credits your account.

For a list of VMAC dealers who will help you service your system, please visit our dealer locator at https://www.vmacair.com/dealer-locator/.

For a list of available service kits and service schedules please visit https://www.vmacair.com/service-kit/

Product registration is quick and easy. Click the button below to access the online warranty registration form.

VMAC Warranty Registration