Top Issues Caused By Overweight Commercial Vans & Service Trucks

Gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) and payloads can differ from vehicle to vehicle and it’s important to know what you’re working with when specifying or upfitting a specific heavy duty pickup truck. Before we get into the details of why it’s important to pay attention to vehicle weight ratings, let’s go over some important concepts: […]

Air Compressors For Mobile Mechanics

Mobile mechanics are critical for many industries, keeping machinery working and moving. These Red Seal professionals often specialize in heavy duty mechanics, servicing vehicles and machines in remote locations that can be difficult to reach. Every second of downtime can be costly, and mobile mechanics need to work quickly and efficiently at every job site. […]

Air Compressors For Oil & Gas Service And Maintenance Work

As the oil and gas industry powers buildings and vehicles across the globe, there are thousands of workers who dedicate their lives to keeping oil and gas machinery in prime working condition. These dedicated service workers use a variety of tools and equipment to get this essential work done, including air compressors. Mobile Air Compressors […]

Belt Driven Air Compressors vs. Direct Drive Air Compressors

Vehicle integrated air compressors have revolutionized mobile air power. These innovative air compressors use vehicles’ existing power sources to provide compressed air on-demand, anywhere the vehicle goes. They are also significantly lighter and take up little to no deck or cargo space, which is a huge advantage compared to traditional air compressors. VMAC’s vehicle-integrated mobile […]

What Is An Underbody Air Compressor?

An underbody air compressor is any air compressor that has been designed to mount under the body of a service vehicle. These air compressors are small but mighty, and are widely appreciated by upfitters and operators because they’re out of sight, save space, and reduce weight. “Underbody air compressor” is a colloquial, less common term […]

Air Innovated®

THE VMAC AIR INNOVATED® STORY Founded in 1986 by two mechanical engineers, Jim Hogan and Tony Menard, VMAC began as a small machine shop designing disposable jet engines for the military. After the project ended, the company transitioned to a different niche, designing and manufacturing brackets for truck mounted air compressors. VMAC’s brackets quickly earned […]

Why Is My Compressor Shutting Off? Temperature Sensors and Switches

Temperature Sensors and Switches Temperature switches and sensors are used on applications which require a solution to a temperature control situation. Often less complicated than most electronic controls, temperature sensors and switches are relatively easy to set up. Temperature sensors are often used for monitoring compressor coolant, oil and air inlet temperatures as well as […]

Auxiliary port driven air compressor system considerations

Today many industrial engines come equipped, or can be ordered with, an auxiliary port (pump drive) that is used to power accessory equipment.  Quite often you will find a hydraulic pump or a standard piston type air compressor mounted there; what isn’t seen much is a rotary screw compressor mounted there.  We’ve had many inquiries […]

Illustrated Parts List

UNDERHOOD™ 30 AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM V300001 IPLV300002 IPLV300003 IPLV300004 IPLV300005 IPLV300006 IPLV300007 IPLV300008 IPLV300009 IPLV300011 IPLV300012 IPLV300014 IPLV300015 IPL UNDERHOOD™ 40 AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM V400001 IPLV400003 IPLV400006 IPLV400007 IPLV400008 IPLV400009 IPLV400010 IPLV400011 IPLV400012 IPLV400013 IPLV400014 IPLV400015 IPLV400016 IPLV400018 IPLV400019 IPLV400021 IPLV400023 IPLV400029 IPLV400031 IPL UNDERHOOD™ 70 AIR COMPRESSOR SYSTEM V900046e IPLV900051 IPLV900052 IPLV900063 IPLV900069d IPLV900075 […]


UNDERHOOD™ 30 MANUALS UNDERHOOD™ 30 Owners ManualV300001 ManualV300002 ManualV300003 ManualV300004 ManualV300005 ManualV300006 ManualV300007 ManualV300008 ManualV300009 ManualV300011 ManualV300012 ManualV300014 ManualV300015 Manual UNDERHOOD™ 40 MANUALS UNDERHOOD™ 40 Owners ManualV400001 ManualV400003 ManualV400006 ManualV400007 ManualV400008 ManualV400009 ManualV400010 ManualV400011 ManualV400012 ManualV400013 ManualV400014 ManualV400015 ManualV400016 ManualV400018 ManualV400019 ManualV400021 ManualV400023 ManualV400029 ManualV400031 Manual UNDERHOOD™ 70 MANUALS Owner’s Manual – UNDERHOOD™V900022 ManualV900040 ManualV900045 […]

Bid Specifications

Diesel Driven Air Compressors Bid Specs D60 Diesel Driven Air Compressor DTM Air Compressors Bid Specs DTM 70 Air Compressor DTM70-H Air Compressor Gas Engine Driven Air Compressors Bid Specs G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor Hydraulic Driven Air Compressors Bid Specs H40 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor H60 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor Multifunction Power Systems Bid Specs Multifunction – 6-In-1 […]

Air Tool Maintenance and Operation

The biggest concern in the operation and life expectancy of your professional-grade pneumatic tools is moisture! Specifically, water vapor. You know this water vapor as humidity, and it is always present in the air around us in varying degrees. When this air is compressed, moisture in the inlet air concentrates with each cubic foot drawn […]


VMAC AIR COMPRESSORS & MULTI-POWER SYSTEMS The Leader In Compressed Air Innovation® VMAC designs and manufactures the most innovative mobile air compressors and multi-power systems available. As one of the only true air compressor manufacturers in North America, VMAC has earned a reputation for air compressors and multi-power systems with extraordinary build quality, durability, and […]

Does An UNDERHOOD™ or Direct-Transmission Mounted Air Compressor Void My Vehicle Warranty?

For those looking for a one-word answer, it’s no. UNDERHOOD™ and Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressors do not void a vehicle manufacturer’s limited warranty on new trucks or vans. Both Canada and the United States have laws that protect consumers’ warranties when using aftermarket parts and ensure manufacturers are staying true to their warranties. Air compressors […]