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The world’s only direct-transmission mounted pto driven air compressor with hydraulics.

Fanelli Equipment Repair Upgrades to VMAC DTM70-H

Located in Hilmar, CA is Fanelli Equipment Repair. Owned by Phil Fanelli, this company has been operating in the Central Valley area for over 12 years, repairing and servicing all types of Caterpillar equipment, including landfill, recycling, and compost equipment for waste management companies, as well as servicing equipment used in the dairy industry.

Phil Fanelli has successfully grown his equipment repair business to include seven service trucks, each which puts on thousands of operating hours and up to 50,000 miles every year. “I work my trucks hard, and so I rotate through them every five years, to ensure there’s no downtime,” says Fanelli. “Because of this, I expect any piece of equipment to last me five years as well.”

Up until recently, Phil’s service truck was equipped with a reciprocating air compressor. This reciprocating air compressor resulted in a lot of challenges, the first and foremost being weight. The compressor was terribly heavy on his truck, which at the time was a Peterbilt with a 14-foot service body. Phil also found himself waiting for compressed air to be produced, resulting in downtime as his compressor tried to catch up to him. This slowed down his work.

When it was time to bring in a new service truck to the fleet, Phil seized the opportunity to “right-size” his truck. Because he’s often travelling to visit his technicians on different job sites, he chose to downsize to a Ford F550 truck. He also needed to address the weight and air supply concerns associated with reciprocating compressors. For this truck build and upfit, he went straight to Spencer Hinson, owner and GM of Lodi Truck and Equipment, located in West Sacramento.

“I’ve been getting Spencer at Lodi to build my trucks for over 10 years now, and I wouldn’t go anywhere else,” says Phil. “I go in, tell him what I want, and he keeps me involved in every step of the build.”

At first, Phil was interested in an UNDERHOOD™ 70 air compressor, which fits neatly in the engine compartment of the truck, supplies up to 70 CFM of air continuously, and weighs just 150 lbs, saving up to 260 lbs. But when it was time to start the truck build, Spencer recommended a different product: the newly released VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulic pump. The DTM70-H is the best choice for customers like Phil who are concerned with saving weight on their service truck, and who also need compressed air and hydraulic power at the same time.

“Spencer knows I’m really concerned about weight. It seems like I’m always overloaded, and he thought this set up would be the best fit,” explains Fanelli. And the weight savings were significant: “The VMAC DTM70-H saved 500 lbs, which is a big deal when you’re trying to set up an F550. With these weight savings, it was the only way to go. We were looking at aluminum doors and aluminum fuel tanks, but to save 500 lbs with one change tFinelli-VMACo the DTM70-H was a no-brainer.”

The VMAC DTM70-H weighs only 180 lbs, which frees up hundreds of pounds of weight, and allows customers like Phil to downsize their trucks, and at the same time load the truck up with more supplies. “I added more tools, a drawer set, tool boxes, and an oil tank, thanks to the weight savings,” says Fanelli.

It’s been several months since Phil picked up his new F550 truck from Lodi, and he’s been using the DTM70-H to power his air tools and crane simultaneously. Spencer’s expertise and recommendation was key in this new truck build and was exactly what Phil needed. “When I got the truck, it was show room quality, detailed, everything worked. It was exactly the way I wanted it.” And as for the DTM70-H? “It’s lightweight, which is what I needed, but it also produces the air I need, when I need it. It’s bulletproof.”

Subscribe to the VMAC blog to continue reading about Fanelli Equipment Repair’s experience with the VMAC DTM70-H, and to learn more about Lodi Truck & Equipment, located in West Sacramento, CA.

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Meet the Team: Chris Moyse, Mechanical Engineer



VMAC has recently launched the DTM70-H direct-transmission mounted PTO driven multi-power system. This innovative VMAC system is notable as allows for simultaneous operation of the air compressor and hydraulic pump. In this segment of Meet the Team, we sat down with Chris Moyse, one of the Mechanical Engineers who developed the DTM70-H, to learn more about his role and experience at VMAC, and what he enjoys doing when he is off the clock.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer on the Vehicle Integrated Products Team. As part of this team, I work on integrating VMAC products, including the UNDERHOOD, DTM70 and DTM70-H, into specific vehicles. This includes design, development, testing, and supporting these systems.

Almost two years.

I like to see one of my ideas transition from concept to drawing, from drawing to physical part, and then to a working compressor. I like seeing my ideas come to life.

I also like being so closely involved with the people who make our products. Having our manufacturing facility just steps away from the office allows for good dialogue with all departments, including machining and assembly.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and work with our VMAC Dealers to do customer installs. It’s great to be able to travel to new places, meet our dealers, and help do a new product install, taking care of any fixes we need on the fly. A couple of months ago I was able to travel to California with another member of the Engineering team to do the first VMAC DTM70-H install at Lodi Truck and Equipment for a heavy equipment repair customer.

When we were in California at Lodi and we got the first unit running, it was great to see the reaction of the installer when the DTM70-H first fired up. The dealer was thrilled to see it working and couldn’t believe how quiet it was compared to a reciprocating air compressor. They played around with running the air compressor and the crane at the same time (all from their wireless crane remote). That was a fun day.

I was hired as a co-op student at VMAC several years ago, and once I finished my schooling I was really motivated to come back because so much is done in-house. You get to be involved in every stage of development and can get the whole depth of the manufacturing process. VMAC also has a friendly and positive atmosphere.

During the development of the DTM70-H we’ve been able to achieve many manufacturing improvements. The engineering team has collaborated closely with the machinists in the VMAC Custom Shop, the Foundry, and VMAC’s Quality Department to solve technical challenges. We hope these improvements will make things easier for our production team and save time in the manufacturing process. Working closely with these teams has been really rewarding.

I wanted the ability to see the ideas in my head become reality, and that guided me to engineering.

I enjoy restoring classic cars and woodworking. My family has always been involved with old cars, and I have been involved with the hobby from a very young age. Since I started working, I have had the chance to combine these two passions. Over the last two years I have built an awesome workshop for restoring cars, invested in some great tools and have been learning new skills all the time. It’s safe to say that most of my paycheques will end up in my garage in one form or another!

Learn more about the DTM70-H Multi-Power System, as well as the other vehicle integrated systems, including the line of UNDERHOOD Air Compressors, and the DTM70 Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO Driven Air Compressor.

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VMAC Wins Finning-CAT’s 2017 Innovative Solutions Supplier Of The Year Award

Right after announcing the rebrand to Air Innovated, the leader in mobile compressed air innovation, VMAC wins Finning-CAT’s prestigious Innovative Solutions Supplier award.

(l-r)  Jim Raymond (Sales Manager), Darren Darnley (National Sales Rep), Gordon Duval (VP Marketing & Sales)

When we announced our brand promise to be the leader in mobile compressed air innovation at NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2018 (WTS18), we promised to continue to design and manufacture innovative products to meet the needs of the work truck industry. We backed this up with examples from the last 20 years and shared two important new innovations.

The first is the new VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted 70 CFM air compressor with hydraulic pump, which provides simultaneous operation of the air compressor and hydraulic pump. The DTM70-H is easy to install, with no drive shafts or transfer case modifications involved, making it a true industry innovation.

The second is the new UNDERHOOD™ 40 air compressor system. It is the only air compressor specifically designed for commercial vans, providing up to 40 CFM, reducing GVW, and freeing up cargo space. Compared to its predecessor, the new UNDERHOOD™ 40 provides 33% more air power, while running the vehicle’s engine at a lower RPM.

With these new product innovations, VMAC lives its brand promise of “Air Innovated”. Validating this claim, we’re pleased to announce VMAC won Finning-CAT’s 2017 Innovative Solutions Supplier of the Year award.

(l-r) Neal Clozza (Mechanical Engineer), Michael Hildebrand (Manufacturing Engineer)

Finning is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, with operations in Canada, Europe, and South America. Finning has over 80 years of experience as a Caterpillar dealer, and VMAC has been the supplier of UNDERHOOD™ air compressors used on Finning’s service trucks for over seventeen years, and more recently VMAC began supplying its Multifunction Power Systems to Finning.

The VMAC Multifunction Oilman Series Power System combines an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, hydraulic pump, and a Positive Air Shutoff System (PASS), all in one complete package powered by a small diesel engine. And this year, at WTS18, we announced the new CAT-powered version of the VMAC Multifunction.

We’d like to thank Finning for this award, which recognizes VMAC for our pursuit of excellence and innovation, supporting our Air Innovated promise.

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VMAC DTM70-H Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO Driven Multi-Power System
UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor
UNDERHOOD™ 40 Truck Series Air Compressor
VMAC Multifunction Oilman Series Power System

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Air Tool Maintenance and Operation

The biggest concern in the operation and life expectancy of your professional-grade pneumatic tools is moisture! Specifically, water vapor. You know this water vapor as humidity, and it is always present in the air around us in varying degrees. When this air is compressed, moisture in the inlet air concentrates with each cubic foot drawn in.  As you compress air it gets very hot and because the air is very hot, the accumulated water in it remains as a vapor, however, when compressed air is expanded through air tools it cools rapidly. With high moisture content in the compressed air, this rapid cooling has been known to cause freeze-ups at the exhaust ports of pneumatic tools. Even before this hot, moist compressed air reaches the air tool, it starts to cool down just after it leaves the compressor. It then starts to condense this moisture into water. Continue reading “Air Tool Maintenance and Operation”

Does An UNDERHOOD™ or Direct-Transmission Mounted Air Compressor Void My Vehicle Warranty?

For those looking for a one-word answer, it’s no. UNDERHOOD™ and Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressors do not void a vehicle manufacturer’s limited warranty on new trucks or vans.

Both Canada and the United States have laws that protect consumers’ warranties when using aftermarket parts and ensure manufacturers are staying true to their warranties. Air compressors that use PTO or engine-driven systems are considered aftermarket parts and, therefore, are covered by these laws.

Warranty Protection in the United States

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act is a federal law that was created in 1975 to protect consumers from companies that may not want to follow through with their warranty. The law embodies the attitude that you don’t need to have a warranty but, if you do, then you’d better make good on it.

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, the burden of proof is on the manufacturer’s dealer to show that the aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage. In the context of UNDERHOOD™ air compressors, a truck manufacturer like Ford or Chrysler would have to prove that the air compressor itself caused the vehicle or part to fail.

Here is what the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says about aftermarket parts in their Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act explainer:

“An ‘aftermarket’ part is a part made by a company other than the vehicle manufacturer or the original equipment manufacturer. Simply using an aftermarket part does not void your warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket part.”

Even in a worst-case scenario, if an UNDERHOOD™ system caused damage to a part, the vehicle manufacturer would only be allowed to deny coverage for the part specifically damaged. The remaining vehicle warranty would remain fully intact, which is also explained by the FTC:

“If it turns out that the aftermarket part was itself defective or wasn’t installed correctly, and it causes damage to another part that is covered under the warranty, the manufacturer or dealer has the right to deny coverage for that part and charge you for any repairs. The FTC says the manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket equipment caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage.”

VMAC Direct-Transmission™ Mounted and UNDERHOOD™ air compressors are built for specific trucks and applications, and that’s deliberate. VMAC engineers work with vehicle manufacturers before the release of their new trucks and vans to determine the optimal mounting locations of compressor components on any given vehicle. If VMAC can’t find a reliable way to install an UNDERHOOD™ or Direct-Transmission™ Mounted air compressor that protects you and your warranty, they don’t offer the air compressor for that vehicle. It’s that simple.

Warranty Protection in Canada

It’s a common misconception that Canada has a blanket consumer protection law that’s similar to the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, but that doesn’t mean consumers have been hung out to dry. Individual provinces have created their own laws to help protect consumers and ensure warranties are enforced.

In addition, major manufacturers all have Canadian warranties that are similar to their U.S. counterparts. Manufacturers know that consumers are purchasing their trucks and modifying them into service vehicles and they wouldn’t risk losing clientele over unreasonable warranty restrictions.

Instead, manufacturers’ warranties essentially follow the U.S. laws: aftermarket damage to a part may void the warranty on that specific part, but it doesn’t void the whole warranty. Here are a few examples of this in writing, straight from the manufacturers:


2018 Model F-650/F-750
Ford Trucks

“What is Not Covered Under this New Truck Limited Warranty?
Damage Caused by Accident, Misuse or Alteration
Examples of items not covered are:

  • Alterations, modifications or reconstruction of the vehicle, including the body, chassis, or any other component after the vehicles leaves the control of Ford of Canada

  • Non-Ford parts installed after the vehicle leaves Ford of Canada’s control and causes a Ford part to fail.

NOTE: Warranty coverage will be invalidated on parts affected by such damage.”

Canadian Limited Warranty and Owner Assistance Information

“The use of parts, control module calibrations, software modifications, and/or any other alterations not issued through General Motors will void the warranty coverage for those components that are damaged or otherwise affected by the installation of the non-GM part, control module calibration, software modifications, and/or other alteration.”

Warranty Information
All RAM Trucks

“The warranties in this booklet do not cover repairs required because of non-FCA [Fiat Chrysler Automobiles] modifications, installation of special equipment or accessories, or use of special materials, fuels or additives. This includes special bodies, body conversions, fuel system conversions, trailer hitches, window tints, sunroofs, theft alarms, etc. Non-FCA modifications do not by themselves void your warranty, but they are not covered by your warranty”

Each province and territory has consumer protection laws that ensure manufacturers are following these warranties and staying true to their word. Manufacturers who provide a warranty are essentially guaranteeing the products and services that are included, and they do so voluntarily. Warranties are not required! Therefore, a warranty is a written guarantee that obligates the manufacturer to follow through, even if you’ve installed an UNDERHOOD™ or Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor.

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Installing a VMAC air compressor? Register your warranty here.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use A PTO Shaft Driven Air Compressor

  1. There Are Better PTO Driven Air Compressors Available
  2. Air compressor technology is constantly changing. What was once standard is now running its course and being replaced by a significantly more updated style of PTO air compressor—direct transmission mounted (DTM). DTM air compressors are mounted directly to the PTO and, because they fit neatly among a vehicle’s existing components, you eliminate all the common issues of a PTO shaft driven system, as noted below.

  3. Auxiliary Shafts Can Cause Alignment Issues
  4. Air compressor solutions that use shafts can cause balance issues. When shafts aren’t properly balanced a slew of additional issues can follow. For example, the auxiliary shaft can bend or break. Bearings and u joints can also eventually fail throughout the line and within the compressor, if not addressed. In addition, problems with the driveline system as a result of improper installation often aren’t covered under warranty.

  5. PTO Shaft Systems Require More Moving Parts (Which Can Break)
  6. Shaft driven air compressors require an auxiliary drive shaft to connect the air compressor to a side-mount PTO. Having an additional moving part is a liability, because it has the potential to break and damage additional components below the frame rail.

  7. Shaft-Driven Air Compressors Are Expensive To Install
  8. PTO shaft driven air compressors take more time to install, which results in significantly higher labor costs. This can result in over 10 hours of extra work, typically adding hundreds if not thousands of dollars to installation costs.

  9. You’ll Have To Modify The Transfer Case
  10. PTO shaft driven air compressors on Ford SuperDuty or RAM commercial 4X4 trucks require transfer case modifications to install. These aftermarket parts are expensive, time consuming to install, and require the removed transfer case to be returned to the vendor for credit.

A Superior Alternative To Shaft Driven PTO Air Compressors

DTM70-H Air Compressor

VMAC DTM70-H Air Compressor

Auxiliary shafts add unnecessary costs and risks to PTO air compressors—but you can eliminate these risks with a Direct-Transmission Mounted (DTM) system. The DTM is a PTO air compressor that’s mounted directly to the transmission, and therefore doesn’t require an auxiliary shaft.

Replacing a shaft driven PTO air compressor system with a DTM has numerous benefits, including:

  • half the time to install
  • less expensive to install
  • no transfer case modifications
  • no risk of alignment issues
  • eliminates unnecessary moving parts

With so many benefits, it’s clear that the Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor is a desirable PTO alternative to shaft driven air compressors. The DTM is a superior solution for serious work. Why settle for anything less?

Learn more about VMAC’s DTM70 air compressor here.

What Is An Underbody Air Compressor?

DTM70-RAM-Install-Render2An underbody air compressor is any air compressor that has been designed to mount under the body of a service vehicle. These air compressors are small but mighty, and are widely appreciated by upfitters and operators because they’re out of sight, save space, and reduce weight.

“Underbody air compressor” is a colloquial, less common term that isn’t widely used within the industry. Rather, these systems are more frequently called underdeck air compressors, PTO air compressors, or vehicle-mounted air compressors.

All underbody air compressors use rotary screw technology, as rotary screw air compressors are smaller and more efficient than reciprocating air compressors. Only a few manufacturers throughout the world design underbody air compressors, with VMAC serving as a leader in this innovative space.

Although technically not “under the body”, a popular alternative is the UNDERHOOD™ air compressor, which is mounted directly to a vehicle’s engine and provides similar benefits.

Types of Underbody Air Compressors

Underbody air compressors use one of two existing power sources on a vehicle:

  • PTO Port
  • Hydraulic Port

In theory, it’s relatively straight-forward to mount an air compressor to an existing PTO or hydraulic port. In practice, however, it becomes a bit more challenging. There is a very limited amount of space under a vehicle for additional components and manufacturers require ingenuity to overcome this challenge.

In addition to the two power sources, there are two common types of underbody air compressors:

  • Shaft
  • Direct-Mounted

Shaft: The most basic way to fit all the components under a vehicle is using a shaft. A shaft allows a manufacturer to place the components wherever they can easily fit and then connect it to the air compressors with a shaft. Unfortunately, shafts can cause alignment issues, are more likely to break, have unnecessary moving parts, require modifications to the truck’s transfer case, and add both parts and installation labor costs.

Direct-Mounted: The more professional type of underbody air compressor is designed to place the air compressor components directly on or beside the power source. This requires proper engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as components must be smaller and more intentionally designed, but results in systems that are compact, powerful, and durable. All of VMAC’s underbody air compressor designs utilize this style.

VMAC’s Direct-Transmission Mounted air compressor mounted to the PTO port of a RAM truck

Hydraulic Options For Underbody Air Compressors

Many underbody air compressors come with a hydraulic option, which allows operators to add hydraulic power to their vehicles. Underbody air compressors with hydraulics are popular with crane operators, as they easily allow operators to run hydraulic systems and air compressor systems simultaneously.

For example, VMAC’s DTM70-H system allows customers to operate small to medium sized air tools, as well as a hydraulic crane or other equipment simultaneously. Check out this video to see it in action:

Additional Underbody Air Compressor Resources

To learn more about underbody air compressors, explore the following resources:

Why does hose size affect my compressor airflow?

It’s important to consider appropriate sizing of all components of your air system.  If you are investing in an air compressor system, restricting the flow anywhere in your system could make it significantly underperform or cost you a lot more in energy costs to run that compressor over its lifetime.

As air travels from the compressor head to your tool it travels through components such as hoses, fittings, valves, and tanks. Each of these will restrict the flow of air in some way depending on the geometry of each component and the magnitude of the flow passing through it.

For example, a long small hose feeding a high air demand tool can result in a high-pressure drop. The result of this will mean either your compressor is working harder and using more power to keep up with your air demands, or—if it can’t keep up—your tool performance will be reduced.  In some cases, where torque or power at the tool is important, you may not be able to complete your work.

Quick calculators or charts can be referred to for calculating the pressure drop in any of your components. The following components should be considered for proper sizing.

  • Hose reels
  • System piping/tubing
  • Filters
  • Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Quick connect fittings
  • Fittings

Components such as filters will have pressure drop ratings at different flow rates. Be sure to check the documentation and specifications to match them to the system you are installing the components on.

When considering fittings and quick connects, work with your suppliers to make sure they are rated for the maximum pressure your compressor system is rated for and will not cause excessive pressure drop at the required flow rates.

90° fittings like this may restrict airflow

90° fittings like this may restrict airflow

How Fittings Cause Pressure Drops

Pressure drop is due to the restriction created by the pipe or fitting.  Anyone who has tried to breathe through a drinking straw can tell you that trying to force a large flow of air through a small hole can be difficult. This is because the smaller the diameter, the higher the velocity is required for the air to travel through the hole.

Higher velocities result in more friction created. due to boundary layers at the walls of the pipe or fitting creating more losses. With pipes and hoses, the loss is multiplied by the length of the pipe.

It can be surprising how small the flow diameter is in some fittings.  A quick connect fitting is one of the worst culprits.  Next time you are looking at a quick connect, look inside to see how small the actual flow area is.

Calculating Pressure Drop of Fittings

Pressure drop can be calculated for some components and is made even easier by online tools such as this one.  Note that this calculator is for hard pipe as it is a well-defined shape. Flexible hose in actual use typically contains many bends and loops and as such it is not possible to create an accurate generic calculator. While flexible hose will have more losses than a pipe with an identical inside diameter we can still use the pipe loss calculation to get an estimate and see the influence diameter has on pressure loss.

Let’s look at some examples.

To illustrate the dramatic difference pipe/hose diameter makes on pressure loss, let’s use this tool to compare 100ft long pipes with internal diameters of ½”, ¾”, and 1” for 70CFM FAD (free air delivery) of compressed air delivered at 100 PSI gauge pressure (equivalent to 114.7 PSI absolute pressure*) at the upstream hose entrance.

The approximate pressure loss from end to end for the three pipe sizes is:

1″ x 100’: ~1.4 PSI pressure loss

3/4″ x 100’: ~5.7 PSI pressure loss

1/2″ x 100’: ~44 PSI pressure loss

Your compressor would actually have to be operating at ~134 psi gauge pressure† to maintain 100 psi at the tool with the ½” pipe.

Increasing Pressure vs. Increasing Supply Line Size

Increasing the pressure of your compressor to compensate for flow losses can have a dramatic impact on the amount of work your compressor system is doing. Conversely, increasing the size of the supply lines can provide the following benefits:

  • Less fuel/energy used by your compressor
  • Less heat generated by the compressor
  • Longer oil life and service interval
  • Lower noise output from the compressor
  • Improved safety due to lower operating pressures and lower temperatures
  • Lower load on drive system components
  • Less wear and longer life of your compressor

Each restrictive fitting, hose, accessory, bend etc. you add to your system results in cumulative pressure drop and can have negative results on the performance of your tool or equipment.  Recognizing this and planning and sourcing the right sized components will enable your air system to perform better.

As always, keep in mind that formulas and calculators like the one used above are just a guide.  Real life scenarios depend on many factors and each will affect your individual results.  Using larger diameter hose may cost more but it can result in long-term savings and may even allow for a lower pressure or output compressor, saving money up front.

*Absolute pressure is the pressure relative a perfect vacuum.  Gauge pressure is relative to atmospheric pressure. Standard atmospheric pressure is 14.7 PSI so for a calculation, such as this one, that requires the use of absolute pressure, atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi) needs to be added to your gauge pressure.

† Note that it may seem at first glance that the entrance pressure would need to go up by the same pressure as the loss in the pipe from the first calculation but it’s actually slightly less. As the pressure goes up the volume flow and flow velocity goes down for the same mass flow of gas and therefore so does the pressure drop.

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Brochures & Spec Sheets

Top 3 Challenges Caused By Over-Weight Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR) and payloads can differ from vehicle to vehicle and it’s important to know what you’re working with when specifying or upfitting a specific heavy duty pickup truck. Before we get into the details on why it’s important to pay attention to vehicle weight ratings, let’s go over some important concepts: GVWR and Payload.

Continue reading “Top 3 Challenges Caused By Over-Weight Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks”

Lodi Installs PTO Driven Air Compressor With Hydraulics

Lodi VR70 InstallLodi Truck and Equipment is a truck and equipment dealership located in West Sacramento, California. Lodi has been in business for over thirty years, earning a reputation for providing high-quality and customized mechanics trucks. Spencer Hinson is Lodi’s owner and GM, having purchased the business in 2002. Before owning Lodi, Spencer spent 15 years with PACCAR in various management roles including truck production and finance. He was on the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) board of trustees as Distributor Trustee, serving three years from 2006 – 2009, and from 2009-2010 served as Executive Committee Member. With this background and proven reputation, it’s clear that Spencer knows the service truck and equipment industry.

Lodi Truck & EquipmentSo, when it comes to choosing vendors and suppliers to work with, Spencer only chooses the best to recommend to his customers. For air compressors, one of the manufacturers that Spencer doesn’t hesitate to recommend to his customers is VMAC. “VMAC has been a great partner,” says Spencer. “Their air compressors and multi-power systems are well-engineered and well-supported from sales, to installation, to after-sale support. When new products are released, VMAC takes the time to help us understand the benefits of the product and help us with initial installations.”

This strong partnership brought an exciting opportunity to Spencer and Lodi in late 2017, when they were one of the first VMAC dealers to hear about the upcoming VMAC DTM70-H, a direct transmission mounted air compressor with hydraulic pump. It was not long after first hearing about the VMAC DTM70-H from his VMAC National Sales Representative, Tim Parks, that Spencer was approached by Phil Fanelli to build his latest Ford F550 truck with hydraulic crane and rotary screw air compressor. Spencer knew Phil’s new truck build would be the perfect fit for this underdeck air compressor with hydraulic pump, due to the weight restrictions and concerns Phil had with the F550.

Learn more about how Phil Fanelli saved over 500 lbs on his new truck.

Spencer recommended the DTM70-H to Phil, as this underdeck air compressor is the best choice for customers who are concerned with weight on their service truck, and who also need compressed air and hydraulic power at the same time. “Compared to a typical above deck rotary screw air compressor, the DTM70-H weighs less, delivers superior air performance, and is within the same price range.” There are other benefits that Spencer knows his customers will appreciate: “The install process with the DTM70-H was very straight forward, saving us a lot of installation time on the DTM70-H compared to the UNDERHOOD™ 70,” says Spencer. In fact, the DTM70-H installs about 30% faster than other underdeck or UNDERHOOD™ systems. Unlike other underdeck PTO driven air compressors, the VMAC DTM70-H also does not require any modifications to the Ford transfer case, and no drive shafts are required which can cause alignment issues.

Overall, Spencer’s expert recommendation has benefited Phil Fanelli in three main areas: weight savings, air supply, and reliable performance in extreme heat, as outlined in the article PTO Driven Air Compressor Saves Fanelli Weight On The Truck & Time On The Job Site.

DTM70-H Air Compressor

VMAC DTM70-H Air Compressor

Phil has now had his new Ford F550 with the VMAC DTM70-H underdeck air compressor for close to a year, and it’s been a great success. “Any customer who runs a 19,500 lbs GVW truck like a Ford F550 can benefit from the VMAC DTM70-H,” says Spencer. “Anything we can do to take weight out of the build, but retain the functionality is a benefit. In Phil Fanelli’s case, we saved 500 lbs, and we were even able to install an extra tool cabinet on the truck.” Spencer also notes that customers who want more air performance without a significantly larger investment can benefit from a VMAC rotary screw air compressor.

With Spencer Hinson and the team at Lodi Truck and Equipment’s expert knowledge and technical expertise, it’s easy to see why their customers are fiercely loyal. “We have an extremely high percentage of repeat business; we’ve been building trucks for some customers for over thirty years,” says Spencer.

Lodi Truck and Equipment, located at 724 Harbor Blvd, West Sacramento, CA, has been an NTEA Distributor Member since 1985.

Underdeck PTO Drive Compressor Saves Weight On Truck

Phil Fanelli is the owner of Hilmar, CA’s Fanelli Equipment Repair, with a fleet of seven trucks. Having been in business for 12 years, owner Phil Fanelli focuses on repairing and servicing all types of CAT equipment. In the article California’s Fanelli Equipment Repair Upgrades To VMAC DTM70-H, Saves 500 lbs On Truck GVW, Phil explains how he was able to move from a Peterbilt truck with a 14-ft service body down to a smaller and more flexible Ford F-550. He was able to achieve this downsize thanks to the VMAC DTM70-H, a direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulic pump. Weighing just 180 lbs, this multi-power system saved Phil 500 lbs of weight on his Ford truck.

When Phil thinks back to the problems he used to have before switching to the VMAC DTM70-H multi-power system, he is reminded of worrying about having an overweight truck. He is also reminded of his frustrations with having to wait for air to build, or finding that his systems have overheated in the hot California climate he works in. These unplanned interruptions in work due to his equipment resulted in a lot of wasted time.

But since making the move to the VMAC DTM70-H almost one year ago, Phil has zero regrets and no concerns. He shares the top three features of the VMAC PTO driven multipower system, which delivers up to 70 CFM and up to 14.9 GPM:

Weight Savings

  • “The weight savings is the biggest thing for me. We’re so concerned about weight on the F-550, the DTM70-H is the only way to go. We knew the truck was going to be heavy, and this one change saved 500 lbs. I downsized my truck but still added more tools, a drawer set, tool boxes, and an oil tank.”

Air Supply

  • “I can run air and hydraulics at the same time on this truck. I run my VMAC 14 hours straight and still get full air power every time I need it; it’s constant air all the time. I can blow stuff, I can run my impacts and I don’t have to wait. We use a pneumatic torque multiplier which requires steady air with enough CFM. Before, we used to have to wait for an air receiver tank to fill up, but now we don’t have to wait.”

Work in extreme heat

  • “I don’t have to worry about the system overheating, even if I’m working on a hot summer day, the VMAC keeps running in the heat with no downtime.”

These features outlined by Phil lead to big benefits, all which allow him to be more productive, profitable, and positive. The switch to VMAC’s underdeck air compressor and hydraulic system has brought significant weight savings. The lightweight PTO-driven air compressor with hydraulic pump allowed Phil to make the change to the Ford F-550. Phil puts on over 50,000 miles on his trucks each year, so the fuel savings alone add up, further improving his bottom line.

The air supply improvements allow him to save time: “waiting 30 seconds here, a couple minutes there, we can save up to 30 minutes over a four-hour job.” Doing the math, this could result in 1 hour saved for every 8-hour day, 5 hours saved each week, and up to 260 hours saved each year. That’s the equivalent of saving 32 days’ worth of work, every year. Saving time waiting for air is also compounded with the time Phil saves now that his air and hydraulic systems don’t overheat.

The future of Fanelli Equipment Repair in Hilmar, CA is bright. Phil keeps his fleet well-maintained and upgrades his trucks every five years. “The next Ford F-550s that I build will all have the VMAC DTM70-H installed on them,” says Phil. “I feel confident with the VMAC DTM70-H. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, with no downtime. I can’t say enough good stuff about it.”

How Many CFM Do I Need To Run Air Tools? – CFM Chart

pneumatic-toolsIt can be tough to know how many CFM you need in an air compressor to operate your air tools. Too little CFM and you won’t be able to run your tools continuously—or at all!—and too much CFM could mean you’ve overspent on your air compressor.

To help you find the compressor that’s right for you, we’ve developed this helpful air tool consumption chart. But before we get into the CFM consumption chart, let’s talk a little bit about why CFM matters to you…

Jump To The Air Tool Chart

Pneumatic Tool CFM Requirements

Every pneumatic tool is rated for CFM, or “Cubic Feet Per Minute”, and the same goes for air compressors. CFM represents the volume of air that is produced by your air compressor or required by your air tool.

Your tools’ CFM requirements give you an idea of what you need your air compressor to do, but it’s not enough to simply match the air tool’s rating and the compressor’s rating 1:1. In this article, we’re going to help you better understand how many CFM you need to run your air tools.

Continuous vs. Intermittent Use

Air tools need a CFM that matches the manufacturer’s guidelines, but what air tool you have and how you use them matters. For example, if you’re using an impact wrench, are you:

  1. continuously holding the trigger down while you work, or
  2. are you using it in quick bursts with short breaks in between use, allowing the air compressor to catch up?

Do you use tools for lengthy periods of time? Or are all of your tools only used for a few seconds here and there? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself when you start to determine your CFM needs.

If your application requires you to run air tools for an extended length of time, an air compressor with a 100% duty cycle is recommended so you can operate your tools continuously.

By contrast, tools only used intermittently may be able to get away with a less powerful air compressor that uses an air receiver tank, which may save you money.

Multiple Tools

Another common scenario that impacts CFM requirements is using multiple tools at once. Running more than one tool at a time can be a highly efficient way to get things done, especially when you have two or more people working on a single job. However, if you’re running multiple tools at the same time, you’ll need to combine the CFM requirements of each of the tools that will be running to determine your total CFM requirement.

For example, let’s say your team uses the same air compressor to power a ½” drill that requires 30 CFM, and a grinder that requires 60 CFM. If you use these tools at the same, you would add 30 CFM + 60 CFM for a total demand of 90 CFM. When choosing equipment, you would likely need an air compressor that can reliably produce 90 CFM of air.


6-gall-tankAir Receiver Tanks

Air receiver tanks are another factor you should consider when determining your CFM needs. Many air compressors require an air receiver tank—in fact, this is always the case with reciprocating air compressors. “Recips” need an air receiver tank and can only run at 100% duty cycle until the receiver tank runs out of stored air (or the compressor overheats from working too hard – but that’s another story…)

In some scenarios, air receiver tanks can help a lower CFM air compressor keep up with a higher CFM demand, and can be a good strategy when you don’t want to invest in a higher CFM air compressor. These air receiver tanks can vary in size from 5 gallons to over 100 gallons.

Air Tool Consumption Chart

Still wondering what this means for you? We’ve put together a handy air tool consumption chart to help give you an idea of how many CFM you need to run your air tools. We’ve also included 6 tips for choosing an air compressor, the average CFM at load (100% duty cycle), the suggested air compressor CFM, and our recommended rotary screw air compressor based on your CFM needs.

Here’s a sneak peek:

30-40 CFM Air Compressor60-70 CFM Air Compressor150 CFM Air Compressor
¾” impact wrench1” impact wrenchTrenchless piercing tools
Chipping hammersSandersPneumatic saws
2” horizontal grindersLarge (3”+) vertical & horizontal grindersPost-pounders
Tire inflationOTR tire inflationRock drills
Die grinders60lb jackhammer90lb jackhammer
Backfill tampersBackfill tampersAir knives

To view the rest of the info, download our full air tool consumption chart here!

VMAC’s Rotary Screw Advantage

Depending on the product, VMAC air compressors deliver anywhere from 30 to 140 CFM at 100% duty cycle, which means you’ll never have to wait for air. VMAC air compressors also don’t require a bulky air receiver tank, thanks to the rotary screw technology, which allows them to operate at max efficiency 100% of the time. Not only are VMAC air compressors lighter and smaller, you’ll get jobs done faster, improve productivity, and be more profitable.

Explore your air compressor options

Learn more about choosing a mobile air compressor

VMAC Air Innovated banner

Reduce Truck GVW By Up To 600 lbs With VMAC’s PTO Driven Air Compressor & Hydraulic Pump

When spec’ing out equipment for a medium duty Class 5 truck with a max GVWR of 19,500 lbs, like a Ford F550, every pound counts. Truck upfitters are supplied with a list of required equipment from a customer, and it can be tough to accommodate everything when under tight weight restrictions. Preferring not to upsize to the next weight class, upfitters and customers are always looking to get creative with Lightweighting and save as much weight as possible, while retaining functionality on their service trucks.

VMAC DTM70-H PTO Driven Air Compressor & Hydraulics Saves Weight

VMAC’s Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO Driven Air Compressor & Hydraulics (DTM70-H) weighs only 180 lbs and combines two systems, allowing customers to run both the air compressor and the hydraulic pump at the same time. Combining these two types of power into one innovative multi-power system not only saves space, but also reduces weight on service trucks to save up to 600 lbs. This PTO driven system saves hundreds of pounds of weight as it requires no air storage tank to mount on the truck deck and requires a 50% smaller hydraulic tank size compared to other hydraulic systems.

What would you do with up to 600 lbs of weight reduction on your service truck? Some ideas include:

  • Carry more materials or equipment
  • Take advantage of better fuel economy
  • Install taller tool cabinets
  • Downsize your service truck classification

More on the DTM70-H PTO Driven Multi-Power System

The DTM70-H is a direct-transmission mounted multi-power system that is designed for the F250-550 Super Duty 6.7L Power Stroke Diesel. As described above, these light and medium duty trucks benefit from lightweighting initiatives, which can help provide more options for customers.

While lightweighting is becoming an increasingly important consideration, the performance of the equipment used cannot be compromised. Here are some fast stats on the DTM70-H:

  • Up to 70 CFM @ 175 psi*
    • A VMAC North-American made rotary screw air compressor produces up to 70 CFM at 100% duty cycle. This provides enough CFM for air tools such as 1” impact wrenches, 60 lb jackhammers/pavement breakers, backfill tampers, OTR tire inflation, and more.
  • Up to 14.9 GPM @ 3,265 psi*
    • The DTM70-H control system integrates with standard crane controls for easy and simultaneous operations with the air compressor.

*Dependent on pump size and engine RPM.

Visit the DTM70-H product page for more information, and to request a quote.

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Air Innovated®


Founded in 1986 by two mechanical engineers, Jim Hogan and Tony Menard, VMAC began as a small machine shop designing disposable jet engines for the military. After the project ended, the company transitioned to a different niche, designing and manufacturing brackets for truck mounted air compressors. VMAC’s brackets quickly earned a global reputation for quality and durability. Later in the 1990s VMAC used this reputation to springboard into manufacturing complete air compressor systems for the service truck industry.

Over the past 35 years, VMAC has grown to be one of the only true rotary screw air compressor manufacturers in the world. Steeped in a culture of innovation, VMAC is known for being the Leader in Compressed Air Innovation™.


1997 – VMAC Releases UNDERHOOD™ 70 Air Compressor
2002 – UNDERHOOD™ 150 Air Compressor is released
2004 – VMAC begins manufacturing proprietary rotors for screw compressors
2005 – H60 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor (formerly “PREDATAIR”) is released
2008 – H40 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor (“PREDATAIR”) is released
2011 – D60 Diesel Drive Air Compressor released (“RAPTAIR”)
2013 – VMAC launches its first Multifunction Power System (“RAPTAIR-MF”)
2014 – UNDERHOOD™ 30 (UNDERHOOD-LITE) is released
2015 – VMAC releases the G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor
2016 – VMAC is first to market with a Direct-Drive PTO air compressor, the Direct-Transmission™ Mounted (DTM) air compressor
2016 – An in-house foundry is installed at the VMAC facility, enabling VMAC to cast its own parts
2018 – VMAC launches the DTM70-H, a Direct-Transmission Mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulics
2018 – UNDERHOOD™ 40 for trucks and vans replaces the UNDERHOOD™ 30
2019 – VMAC is formally recognized as Air Innovated® by the U.S. national trademark office
2019 – VMAC receives Canada’s Best Managed Companies award
2019 – VMAC becomes Great Place to Work Certified
2020 – VMAC joins the nation’s top 50 employers with Best Workplaces™ in Canada recognition
2020 – VMAC is named Business of The Year at the Business Excellent Awards
2020 – VMAC releases vertically stacked G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor


VMAC Machine Shop

VMAC machine shop, circa 2001

The story of modern day VMAC starts in 1997, when VMAC released the innovative UNDERHOOD™ 70 Air Compressor. This was the first time a rotary screw air compressor was mounted in the engine compartment of a truck. This state-of-the-art air compressor was a game changer, billed as “half the size and twice the output” of competing products. From then on, VMAC became known as the manufacturer of UNDERHOOD™ air compressors.

Jumping ahead to 2002, VMAC pushed the boundaries again, releasing the innovative and powerful UNDERHOOD™ 150 Air Compressor. VMAC was the first to design and manufacture a rotary screw air compressor that mounted in the engine compartment and was capable of producing up to 150 CFM.

Then in 2004 VMAC became the true in-house manufacturer that it is today, when it began manufacturing its own proprietary rotors for its screw compressors. To this day, VMAC is still one of the only rotor manufacturers in world.

Predatair Launch

VMAC founders Jim Hogan (left) and Tony Menard (center), launch the PREDATAIR with former GM, Rick Warwick

Just one year later, in 2005, VMAC, released the H60 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor designed to be mounted on the service truck deck. This air compressor was originally named the VMAC PREDATAIR and offered customers hydraulic air compressor system benefits that had not been previously available—the VMAC H60 was and still is less than half the size, half the weight, but with all the power of competitive products.

This was followed in 2008 with the launch of a second PREDATAIR, the VMAC H40 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor with intelligent digital controls. The VMAC H40 is up to 260 lbs lighter and 6 cubic feet smaller than competitive products, making it the smartest, smallest, and most powerful 40 CFM mobile hydraulic air compressor available.

After releasing the H60 and H40, VMAC received demand from customers, dealers and truck body builders alike, looking for more choice in standalone deck-mounted air compressors. This led to the 2011 launch of the D60 Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressor, originally named the RAPTAIR. In addition to being more compact and lightweight than comparable 60 CFM diesel engine air compressors, the VMAC D60 features innovative engine anti-idling technology. The D60’s state-of-the-art advanced control system automatically shuts the compressor engine down when no air is being used, and automatically restarts the engine when air is needed. This VMAC anti-idling technology allows customers to save fuel, decrease emissions and maintenance costs, and extend truck and equipment life.

Just two years later, in 2013, VMAC expanded its RAPTAIR product line even further to include the VMAC RAPTAIR-MF, now called the Multifunction Power System. The VMAC Multifunction Power System offers over 2000 possible configurations, weighs 400 lbs less than competing multi-power systems, and is equipped with VMAC’s advanced digital controls and anti-idling technology found in the D60.

Then in 2015, VMAC—with significant input from its key industry body builder partners—developed and released the UNDERHOOD-Lite, later called the UNDERHOOD™ 30 Air Compressor, which is the only air compressor system specifically engineered for commercial vans. This version of the UNDERHOOD™ air compressor presented a desirable option for both customers and van upfitters—no longer do they have to settle for a diesel or gas air compressor in the back of their van, which not only takes up precious space for storing tools and other equipment, but is heavy, and exposes operators to toxic fumes and explosion risks.

In the same year, VMAC also designed the G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, which was 50% smaller, 50% lighter, and 50% more powerful than competitive reciprocating compressor products.

The G30 addition to the VMAC product line completed the deck-mount air compressor suite, which consists of the G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor, the H40 and H60 Hydraulic Driven Air Compressors, the D60 Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressor, and the Multifunction Power System.

2016 was a big year for VMAC, with two notable events: another new innovative product release coupled with a major facility expansion. VMAC launched the VMAC DTM70 Direct-Transmission™ Mounted Air Compressor. This first-to-market direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor is a 70 CFM air compressor that allows customers to reduce truck GVW by up to 260 lbs. Its underdeck positioning frees up to 25 cubic feet on the truck deck.

Murray Ash-VMAC Foundry

Murray Ash, foundry supervisor, demonstrates the new VMAC foundry in 2016

Later that same year, VMAC poured the first casting in its new in-house foundry, which allows VMAC to expedite R&D innovations, and reduce time to market for new products.

In 2017, VMAC updated the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor with the addition of the Honda GX390 engine. VMAC continues to innovate this version of the G30, as it is 23% quieter at high idle, 75% quieter at low idle, offers 15% better fuel economy, and has improved operational performance in hot temperatures and at higher elevations. The VMAC G30 remains the most affordable gas driven rotary screw air compressor available.

2018 was another a busy year of innovation with the release of the DTM70-H, UNDERHOOD™ 40, and Multifunction with Cat Power.

The VMAC DTM70-H is a direct-transmission mounted multi-power system that combines continuous duty compressed air and hydraulic power all in one complete, compact, and easy to install system. This innovative product provides work truck owners and fleets with up to 70 CFM of compressed air, and enough hydraulic power to run a crane or other tools.

The DTM70-H installs 30% faster than competitive deck-mounted hydraulic air systems, requires no drive shaft or transfer case modifications, and frees up truck GVW by as much as 600 lbs. With this latest innovation, the VMAC DTM70-H will become the industry standard for underdeck hydraulic air systems.

Tod Gilbert VMAC Tour

Tod Gilbert, VMAC president, gives a VMAC tour to government officials

The UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor replaced the UNDERHOOD™ 30 Van Series and provides customers with even more power. The UNDERHOOD™ 40 weighs just 14 lbs, provides up to 40 CFM at 100% duty cycle, reduces truck GVW by up to 290 lbs, and frees up to 10 cubic feet of cargo space. The UNDERHOOD™ 40 Air Compressor remains the only air compressor specifically engineered for commercial vans and is the industry’s first choice for performance, safety, and installation.

The VMAC Multifunction Power System, powered by CAT, is a new addition to the line of VMAC Multifunction Power Systems, offering customers more choice. Customers will be able to choose a CAT engine with the VMAC Oilman Series Multifunction Power System, which continues to be hundreds of pounds lighter than competing systems.

In 2019, VMAC released a 24V version of its hydraulic air compressor, specifically built for OEMs. VMAC also began a series of new innovations: increasing the air output of the DTM70-H and releasing a DTM70 for RAM trucks.

The following year, 2020, allowed VMAC to bring additional innovation to the mobile air market. VMAC released a stacked variation of the G30 Gas Driven Air Compressor, which is vertically designed to maximize space savings. VMAC also implemented additional technology improvements, including a new priority valve and intelligent throttle control system for the DTM70-H.

Today, VMAC is continuing to design and develop new products that align with our customer’s needs. We have a number of projects on the go for 2021, 2022, and beyond, and we look forward to sharing them soon.


It is this history of invention, and a commitment to the future of innovation, that led VMAC to launch its new brand: Air Innovated®.

Air Innovated® is a promise to our dealers and our customers. Even after a busy few years with some major product releases, VMAC is not willing to sit back on its laurels, coast on past achievements, and take a break from designing, engineering, and innovating. We are driven by these past successes and our ongoing purpose is to carry forward the innovative spirit established by our founders through our products, the superior customer service emphasized in our every relationship, and the family values core to how we do business every day.

Looking to the future beyond 2019, VMAC remains committed to maintaining its position as the Leader in Compressed Air Innovation® for the service truck industry. With complete in-house control of our product design, engineering, and manufacturing in North America, VMAC will continue to work with our customers and industry partners to develop and release new products and innovations that empower our customers to work more efficiently, sustainably, and profitably.


Finning Innovative Solutions AwardFollowing VMAC’s re-branding announcement to Air Innovated® at the 2018 NTEA Work Truck Show in March, VMAC received Finning’s prestigious 2017 Innovative Solutions Supplier of the Year award. Finning International Inc is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, with locations in Canada, Europe, and South America.

For the last 20 years, VMAC has supplied Finning with UNDERHOOD™ air compressors used on their service truck fleet, and more recently VMAC began supplying Multifunction Power Systems, which operate in the harshest Northern climates. Finning uses the VMAC Multifunction Oilman Series Power System which combines an air compressor, generator, welder, battery booster/charger, hydraulic pump, and Positive Air Shutoff System (PASS) all in one complete package powered by a small diesel engine.


Canada'ss Best Managed CompaniesIn 2019 and 2020, VMAC was honoured with Deloitte’s Canada’s Best Managed Companies award, which recognizes private companies that are future-focused, excel at innovation, expand internationally, and emphasize the importance of people. Each year, Deloitte creates a shortlist of Best Managed finalists and then compares those finalists against one another to pick out the absolute best of the best. Therefore, Canada’s Best Managed Companies is a challenging and rewarding award to receive.


Great Place to Work Certified

VMAC is proud to be Great Place to Work® Certified since 2019 and recognized as one of the top 50 Best Workplaces™ in Canada since 2020. Companies that receive Great Place To Work Certification are recognized for representing the global standard of what it takes to be a great workplace.

To become Great Place To Work Certified™, a Trust Index© Survey is deployed to the organization’s list of employees. The survey asks questions reflecting five key dimensions: credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and camaraderie, and includes open-ended comments about working in the organization. 7 out of 10 employees must give positive ratings and there must be enough respondents to ensure a 90% confidence rating.

Why Is My Compressor Shutting Off? Temperature Sensors and Switches

Temperature Sensors and Switches

Temperature switches and sensors are used on applications which require a solution to a temperature control situation. Often less complicated than most electronic controls, temperature sensors and switches are relatively easy to set up.

Temperature sensors are often used for monitoring compressor coolant, oil and air inlet temperatures as well as discharge air temperatures and logging the variations.

Temperature switches are slightly more complex, and include a sensor plus the ability to send signals. A temperature switch senses temperature levels. When the temperature passes a set point the switch sends a signal to a controller to do something to the application, like cut the power, sound an alarm, turn on a light, or disengage the clutch.

Some immersion temperature switches are appropriate for applications that require an inexpensive solution to simple temperature control. These types of switches activate with a specific rise in temperature and are available with a wide range of temperature pre-set values as well as a set point range, set point tolerance, maximum temperature cut-out setting, and probe length.

On-off controllers

An on-off controller is the simplest form of temperature control device. The output from this type of device is either fully on or off, with no middle state. An on-off controller will cut power or disengage the clutch when the temperature passes the set-point. On-off control is usually used where a precise temperature control is not necessary.

A limit controller is an on-off controller used for alarm indication. This type of controller uses a latching relay, which must be manually reset, and is used to shut down a process when a certain temperature is reached.

VMAC temperature sensors, switches, and controls

VMAC air compressors are equipped with a switch which includes an oil temperature sensor. If the compressor oil gets too hot, the switch sends a signal to the on-off controller to disengage the air compressor’s clutch. This shuts down the system and prevents high temperature related damage.

Why is my compressor shutting off?

If your compressor trips on over temperature, it could be for any of the following reasons:

  • Ambient temperature too high or not enough ventilation
  • Too low oil level
  • Wrong type of oil being used
  • Dirty oil cooler
  • Thermostatic valve not working
  • Dirt / obstruction in oil lines
  • Plugged oil filter
  • Restricted air flow over the air to liquid cooler
  • Too high an engine liquid coolant supply temperature in a liquid to liquid cooler
  • Faulty temperature switch

Excessive oil temperatures can cause damage to your air compressor including premature lubricant degradation, high oil and moisture carryover, and varnishing of the compressor internals and system components (such as the oil filter, cooler, and separator filter). Lubricant flash points also present a fire hazard.

The costs related to rectifying these issues through the use of temperature switches and controls can result in significant cost-savings, as risks of down-time and injury are minimized.

Interested in learning more about air compressor components and accessories? Browse our collection of air compressor accessory blogs.


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Auxiliary port driven air compressor system considerations

Today many industrial engines come equipped, or can be ordered with, an auxiliary port (pump drive) that is used to power accessory equipment.  Quite often you will find a hydraulic pump or a standard piston type air compressor mounted there; what isn’t seen much is a rotary screw compressor mounted there.  We’ve had many inquiries asking if there is a compressor available that would meet the heavier duty cycle and air flow requirements for specific jobs.  These range from spray foam, pump priming, air gouging, to air tools and dust collection.  While VMAC does have direct drive, port mounted rotary screw compressors, there are several factors to consider before choosing to mount a rotary screw compressor to that auxiliary port. Continue reading “Auxiliary port driven air compressor system considerations”

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The Leader In Compressed Air Innovation™

VMAC designs and manufactures the most innovative mobile air compressors and multi-power systems available. As one of the only true air compressor manufacturers in North America, VMAC has earned a reputation for air compressors and multi-power systems with extraordinary build quality, durability, and reliability, and confidently backs its air compressors with a VMAC Lifetime Warranty. Operators and fleet managers in mobile mechanic, tire service, utilities, mining, oil and gas, and construction industries rely on VMAC systems to work in the most challenging applications, climates, and environments. Contact us or select an option below to find the best air compressor or multi-power system for your application.

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How Many Hours Per Day Do You Use Your Air Compressor?

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"We have saved almost 260 lbs when installing the VMAC H40 hydraulic driven air compressor instead of the competitor’s comparable air compressor, allowing techs to carry more tools and supplies needed to get their jobs done."
Sondra Kirby, Parts Sales, Summit Truck Bodies, (Kansas, USA)
"We have the DTM70 installed on our service truck and we’re very pleased with it."
James Dyer, Fleet Manager, Sureway Construction Work, (Edmonton, Alberta, British Columbia)
"The [VMAC Multifunction Power System] unit has been great, reliable and easy to use. I would highly recommend one if someone was setting up a shop/service truck. "
Great West Equipment, (British Columbia, Canada)
"I would recommend the UNDERHOOD™ to anybody in the tire business who is serious."
Keith Kitchen Full Service Tire, (Orillia, Ontario)
"I recently used the system when it got down to -18°F, and it was flawless"
Gabe’s Emergency Road Service, (Walsenburg, Colorado)
"The DTM70-H is so much quieter than my old reciprocating system."
Phil Fanelli, Owner, Heavy Equipment Repair, (Hilmar, California, USA)
"Time is money, and the VMAC units work very fast."
Kal Tire, (British Columbia)
"I would highly recommend VMAC compressors to anyone with a need for portable compressed air on demand and would appreciate the convenience and ease of use to operate the compressor."
Buzz Kirby, City of Livonia, (Livonia, Michigan, USA)
"The DTM is convenient and reliable. "
Rick Fleenor, Southern Tire Mart, (Texas)