Air Compressor Options Available for Service Vans

The only air compressor specifically engineered for commercial vans – VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 – Van Series

If vehicle weight is a concern, and commercial van payload is limited, you can now choose equipment that not only reduces vehicle weight, but also frees up space, maximizes operator productivity, and eliminates common safety issues.

VMAC has engineered a 40 CFM rotary screw air compressor that mounts in the engine compartment on the most popular commercial vans.  Van mounting kits are designed for the easiest possible installation on North American work vans.  Working closely with leading van manufacturers, VMAC ensures that mounting kits do not affect OEM warranties.

Common applications that use VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 CFM air compressors are:

  • Tire servicing
  • Utility/Telecom servicing
  • Forklift repair
  • Light duty contractors using small air tools

Common air tools that are powered by VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 CFM air compressors are:

  • 3/4“ impact wrench
  • Light chipping hammers
  • Die grinders
  • Tire inflation

Traditional air compressors mounted in the van’s cargo area can weigh as much as 375 lbs.  VMAC UNDERHOOD 40 CFM air compressors weigh only 85 lbs. This means, by using a VMAC air compressor you reduce as much as 290 lbs in vehicle weight, and gain valuable payload capacity.UNDERHOOD for vans banner

To watch a demo video of the air compressor in action, or to see a complete list of benefits, specifications and applications, visit VMAC’s UNDERHOOD 40 air compressor webpage.

To learn more about why air power matters to commercial van operators, check out VMAC’s article “Air power: Just why does air matter to commercial van operators”.

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