Learn the new features & benefits of the Gas Drive Air Compressor

In VMAC’s journey of continuous improvement, we have added an unloader to the Gas Drive Air Compressor. This adds four strong advantages to the system.

  1. The unloader reduces engine RPM and compressor air pressure when the system not in active use, but is engaged (in unload)
  2.  Decreases engine load, reducing wear and tear
  3. Decreasing engine load reduces fuel consumption by 111%, from 140 minutes to 296 minutes in unload
  4.  Decreasing engine load also reduces noise when the system is in unload from 81dB to 75 dB
This improvement makes a positive impact on the end-user’s bottom line and improves overall performance. It demonstrates VMAC constant pursuit of excellence. Sales of the Gas Drive Air Compressor have been strong, but we always look for ways to improve our products. For more information, please check out the Gas Drive Air Compressor product page.
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