VMAC G30 Customer Profile: Daniel Hysan, Sodel Diesel LLC

August 9, 2018

Daniel Hysan runs his own service company, Sodel Diesel LLC in Laurel, Delaware. As the President and sole employee, he works on a variety of jobs servicing large trucks, diesel equipment and engines. He owns two different vehicles, a Ford Transit service van, and a Ford Super Duty mechanic’s truck.

When he first started his business, Daniel was using reciprocating air compressors in his service vehicles: “I used to struggle every single time having to use a reciprocating compressor. I always had to wait for air to build, and I had to have a separate battery to start the unit; the list of challenges goes on and on.”

When enough was finally enough, Daniel started researching a better option. It was through his online research that he found VMAC’s website and reviewed a couple of options, an UNDERHOOD™ air compressor (Truck Series) and the VMAC G30 Gas Engine Driven Air Compressor. He ultimately decided to go with the G30 because he will be able to easily move the compressor to his next service truck when he replaces his vehicle.

VMAC G30, Powered By Honda

VMAC Gas Driven Air CompressorThe VMAC G30 is a rotary screw gas engine driven air compressor, which produces up to 30 CFM at 100% duty cycle, guaranteeing full air power, every time. “After watching several online videos of the G30 I found it was exactly what I needed to never have to struggle with air issues again,” says Daniel. Watch the VMAC G30 demo video.

Furthermore, this air compressor is 50% lighter and 50% smaller than comparable air compressors, does not require a bulky air receiver tank for it to produce full air power, and includes the battery. This lightweight and compact air compressor allows more space in the truck to store tools and equipment. This air compressor is popular with light and medium duty mobile mechanics, like Daniel, as well as mobile tire service technicians and light duty contractors.

VMAC G30 Solves Daniel Hysan’s Air Challenges

After his research Daniel was confident in his decision to purchase the G30, but like with any large purchase, he still had some concerns. “Of course, I was a little skeptical because of the purchase amount. But so far, I have had zero issues and no worries. The rep for my area, Brian Buckley, was very helpful when I was considering the G30, and he remains very helpful in answering any questions I have.”

So far, the change to the VMAC G30 has brought major improvements to Daniel’s workflow. “I can cut my labor time down by several hours at the end of each week. I can remove lug nuts from a truck faster than any air compressor I’ve ever used. I hardly burn any fuel when using the compressor because the run time is cut so short having the high output of air needed to get jobs done fast.”

The VMAC G30 has turned Daniel into an unofficial ambassador for VMAC air compressors in the Laurel, Delaware area. When he finds people who are not familiar with the VMAC G30 when they see it on his truck, and he takes this as an opportunity to spread the word. Daniel is always happy to run an on-the-fly demo for anyone who is interested in seeing the G30 air compressor in action. “It blows everybody’s mind when I start it and within seconds I have full air supply to run my tools. It’s a great feeling seeing how shocked they are after they see it perform—they think it’s too good to be true until they see it for themselves!”

G30 gas air compressor banner

Sodel Diesel Saves Time and Money with the VMAC G30

Daniel-Hysan-VMAC-G30Daniel’s testimonial of the VMAC G30 is one you can trust—as owner and operator of Sodel Diesel, Daniel understands how equipment can make or break his company’s bottom line. “Long story short, not using a VMAC compressor made everything I did take so much longer, which directly affects making money.”

The change from a reciprocating gas driven air compressor to the rotary screw VMAC G30 has resulted in such an improvement in profitability, Daniel is eager to include another VMAC air compressor in his upcoming service van upgrade. “I am in the process of upgrading my service van and it will get an engine driven unit, the UNDERHOOD™ 40 Van Series Air Compressor, for sure from VMAC. The G30 is so well built though, I don’t think I’ll have much opportunity to buy another one because I don’t think you can break this thing!”

For owner/operators like Daniel, who are looking to get jobs done faster and without interruption, the VMAC G30 is the best choice. And as for what he would say to anyone considering a VMAC air compressor, the answer is simple: “Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

Are you ready to upgrade your gas drive air compressor to the VMAC G30?

You can also visit the VMAC G30 product page to see more details, including specs, components, demo videos and more.