VMAC’s Stacked G30 Is The Perfect Fit For Madison County Road Department

September 16, 2022

Lanny McConnel is Madison County Road Department’s Superintendent. He oversees an expansive network of 1,600 miles of mostly dirt roads across the county in Arkansas. With a fleet of 50 service vehicles, he manages the logistics of keeping the roads graded and maintained year-round.

Compressed air plays an essential role in keeping Lanny’s team on top of road maintenance – the Madison County Road Department has trucks with lube skids and 750-gallon diesel tanks on them, and the pumps are powered by compressed air. Lanny’s team also uses air tools like impact guns to install different blades on the road graders in the fleet.

When you have 1,600 miles of roads to maintain, it’s important to be as efficient as possible. “We had an air compressor on our trucks, but using it was a slow process,” says Lanny. “The air compressor did not keep air pressure, and the operators had to wait for the compressor to catch up so they could finish a job.”

madison-country-g30When it was time to purchase a new lube skid, Lanny knew it was an opportunity to choose a better air compressor for his application. He went to see Phil Carrott, Owner of Grand Truck Equipment in Afton, OK.

“Phil had the lube skid we liked, and we worked together to build a new truck,” explains Lanny. “Grand Truck Equipment has full-service offerings; Phil suggested VMAC’s stacked G30 because of its vertical configuration and also because it was powerful enough for our application.”

The vertical configuration of VMAC’s stacked G30 gas drive rotary screw air compressor was perfect for this specific truck build. The truck didn’t have space for a bulky air compressor, but the stacked G30’s vertical design means that it has a footprint of only 2.5 square feet, making it literally the perfect fit.

madison-country-g30-closeupPhil also addressed Lanny’s team’s challenge with unreliable air pressure. The stacked G30 is a rotary screw air compressor capable of providing up to 30 CFM of continuous air at 100 psi (150 psi max). “I had worked with rotary screw air compressors before,” recalls Lanny. “I know what they’re capable of and was confident that adding the VMAC stacked G30 would solve our problem of waiting around for air pressure to build, allowing us to work faster.”

Lanny’s new truck has been delivered from Grand Truck Equipment, and it’s a smash hit with the Madison County Road Department. “The stacked G30 provides us with air on demand,” says Lanny. “Now we don’t have to wait around for air anymore. The G30 keeps constant pressure. It’s sped up the process at work and reduced frustration.”

Now that the Madison County Road Department has experienced working with the VMAC stacked G30, Lanny says they couldn’t be happier with the solution that Phil at Grand Truck Equipment presented them. “The VMAC stacked G30 works perfectly,” says Lanny. “We won’t buy any other air compressor in the future.”

About Grand Truck Equipment

Grand Truck Equipment in Afton, Oklahoma, was founded in 2009 by Phil Carrott, who remains a co-owner and managing partner. Grand Truck Equipment is a full-line truck equipment distributor that serves customers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.


“Grand Truck Equipment is a family-run operation,” explains Phil. “I’m the founder and co-owner, my wife, Tamara, is the president and accounting manager, and we have a team of four dedicated and talented professionals on our team.” Customers like Lanny choose to work with Grand Truck Equipment because they know they’re dealing with the owners who are deeply invested in ensuring they’re satisfied.

“Phil always keeps us fully informed,” says Lanny. “He’s great to work with and always has smart suggestions for our trucks.”

Phil takes great pride in Grand Truck Equipment’s ability to provide customers the equipment they need at a fair price to ensure they can get a superior return on investment.

A dealer since 2016, Phil appreciates VMAC products for their simplicity: “It’s simple: VMAC products work, they’re easy to operate, and tech support is quick to respond,” explains Phil. “VMAC is very responsive to the customer’s needs, and we enjoy having this long-term partnership.”