The Most Powerful, Compact Mobile Air Compressor Available – UNDERHOOD™ 150

UNDERHOOD™ 150 Air Compressors


The VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressor system is the best choice for customers who have concerns with space and weight on their service or utility truck.

The powerful rotary screw air compressor is ideal for operating large-size air tools like post-pounders or jack hammers. This means that it replaces large utility-mount or portable tow-behind air compressors.

Truck Mounting Kits

VMAC engineers truck mounting kits for the easiest possible installation.  Working closely with leading truck manufacturers, VMAC ensures that mounting kits do not affect OEM warranties. Mounting kits available for:

  • Ford F-250 to F-750 Power Stroke Diesel
  • Ford F-250 to F-750 Triton Gas
  • Ford F-250 to F-350 Boss Gas
  • Dodge/RAM 3500 to 5500 Cummins Turbo Diesel

For a complete list of mounting kits, click here.

Applications – Common jobs that use the VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressor are:

  • Pressurizing gas lines
  • Fiber optic cable shooting
  • Sand blasting
  • Sprinkler irrigation
  • Monument engraving
  • Road repair/crack sealing
  • Utility servicing

Commonly used air tools – VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors can be used for:

  • 90 lb jackhammers/pavement breakers
  • Trenchless piercing tools
  • Pneumatic saws
  • Post-pounders
  • Piercing Tools
  • Rock Drills
  • Air knives


Free up to 80 cubic feet 

VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors free up to 80 cubic feet on the truck deck because the air compressor mounts in the engine compartment.  In fact, no components get installed on the truck deck which ensures a clean and professional looking truck, and space for other equipment, tools or materials.  Utility mount air compressors are large and take up value space on trucks.

Reduce truck GVW by up to 1,900 lbs

VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors reduce truck GVW by as much as 1,900 lbs. Utility mount air compressors are heavy and add significantly to truck GVW.  Less weight means you can carry more, or take advantage of improved fuel economy.

Avoid frustrating breakdowns and maintenance issues

VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors are powerful enough to replace engine-driven utility mount or portable tow-behind air compressors.  This means less time and money is spent on fixing engine and chassis issues and more time on jobs making money.

Free up your truck hitch to tow other equipment

VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors allow you to free up your truck hitch so it can be used for towing other equipment.  By freeing up your hitch for other equipment, you can haul more of materials to the jobsite, make only one trip to the jobsite, or reduce the number of trucks you need on the jobsite.

Work in any climate

VMAC UNDERHOOD™ 150 air compressors are proven to work in any extreme climate, chosen as the air compressor of choice in arctic and desert environments.  The compressor is protected under the hood of the truck, ensuring it starts in any climate every time.


Rotary screw compressor mounts under the truck’s hood with an engineered bracket and belt drive system.

Liquid-to-liquid cooler integrates into truck’s cooling system and mounts under the radiator.

Digital control box and air on-demand throttle control mount in the cab.

Separates compressor oil from compressed air and mounts safely to truck’s frame rail.


Air Compressor Up to 150 CFM*, 175 psi, 100% duty cycle, VMAC rotary screw oil-injected, belt driven
Weight (wet) 200 lbs (90 kg)
Display Box
  • LCD display
  • Service notifications
  • Error messages
  • System temperature
Throttle Control Variable speed; adjusts truck engine speed automatically to match air demand.
Safety Features
  • Electric clutch
  • Compressor over-temp sensor
  • Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
  • 200 psi pressure relief valve
  • Truck drive disable circuit on throttle control
  • Truck park brake safety shut-off switch on control box
Warranty VMAC Lifetime Warranty on VMAC air compressors; two years on all other major components; for details, visit

*Actual maximum CFM output of the air compressor varies by vehicle application. See Application List for details.