Air Tool Consumption Guide

It is always best to check the specifications with your tool manufacturer, but if this information is not available, our air tool consumption guide will provide a rough guideline.

A common question we get revolves around how much air a particular tool uses. Whether it’s an impact gun, grinder or breaker, there are various ranges of air consumption each of these tools use. We have put together an Air Tool Consumption Guide that includes common air tools in various sizes.

Please note this is only a guide. The tool manufacturer will have exact specifications for each model.

Sample Preview

Types of Pneumatic ToolsCFM @ LoadSuggested CFMVMAC Compressor Options
1/2″ Impact Wrench 9 – 4230-40 CFMG30, D60, H40, DTM70, VR40
1/4" Ratchet10 – 2030-40 CFMG30, D60, H40, DTM70, VR40
1/2” Drill25 – 3530-40 CFMG30, D60, H40, DTM70, VR40
Vertical Grinder50 – 9360-70 CFMD60, H60, DTM70, VR70
Air Hammer7 – 3030-40 CFMG30, D60, H40, DTM70, VR40
60 lb. Pavement Breaker64 – 7060-70 CFMD60, H60, DTM70, VR70
90 lb. Pavement Breaker62 – 85100 CFMVR150

Download our full Air Tool Consumption Guide to view our legend and the complete list of common air tools!

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