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6 Awesome Features of the D60 Diesel Driven Air Compressor

d60 diesel air compressorIt’s hard not to love diesel. It’s powerful, efficient, and easy to access—and that’s exactly why we released the D60 diesel driven air compressor back in 2011. To this day, the D60 continues to be a highly sought-after air compressor in a variety of mobile industries.

Let’s talk about 6 of the features that are responsible for the D60’s ongoing success…

6. Get 60 CFM, 100% of the time

The D60 utilizes rotary screw technology so no time is wasted waiting for air! Rotary screw air compressors are powerful enough to provide compressed air without an air receiver tank. As soon as you turn your D60 on, it’s ready to deliver 60 CFM of continuous air, 100% of the time.

Operators with the D60 can get their work done faster and drastically improve productivity.

5. Reduce GVW with lighter, more efficient parts

VMAC’s D60 is over 250 pounds lighter than comparable diesel air compressors, without making any compromises on air flow or pressure. That’s because VMAC engineers and manufactures air compressors in-house, utilizing custom parts, lighter metals, and highly efficient designs to reduce weight.

Put that weight to use elsewhere or enjoy better fuel economy—your call!

4. Enjoy intelligent controls with auto-idling

The D60’s intelligent control system automatically shuts the compressor engine off when air isn’t needed and restarts the engine when air is needed. This auto-idling feature minimizes engine idling, reducing operating hours and noise on the jobsite. As a result, D60 operators enjoy less air compressor maintenance, lower fuel costs, and a quieter work environment.

To learn more about the D60’s control box, check out “The VMAC Diesel Driven Air Compressor’s Helpful Control Box Features & Functions!”

3. Preferred Kubota diesel engine

The D60 diesel air compressor utilizes a small yet mighty Kubota engine, which is the industry’s preferred diesel engine due to its hardy, reliable nature and condensed size. Each D60 engine is backed with a 2-year Kubota warranty and supported by Kubota’s global support network.

Kubota started designing engines in 1922, with oil engines made for agro-industrial purposes. In 1969, Kubota brought their first tractor to the United States and the company quickly became known for their spark and ignite diesel engines in the decades that followed.  Today, Kubota is the leading manufacturer of powerful diesel engines.

2. Work in extremely cold climates

You don’t stop working when the temperature plummets and your air compressor shouldn’t either! The standard D60 can operate in cold weather, while the optional factory-installed cold climate kit keeps the D60 operating in even colder weather—the air compressor is proven in temperatures of -40oF (40oC). With cold climate protection, the D60 allows operators to get their jobs done even in frigid weather.

If you want an air compressor that will hold up in tough climates, check out the D60 air compressor.

1. Save space with the D60’s compact design

The D60 was intentionally designed to be smaller than other diesel air compressors, measuring in at 34.5” x 18” x 28”. This small design takes up less cubic space in your work vehicle, which frees up space for more tools, storage compartments, or equipment. Take advantage of the D60’s small size!

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