Introducing VMAC’s New RAM PTO Air Compressor

DTM70-RAM-Install-RenderVMAC recently released its latest PTO driven air compressor, specifically designed for RAM 3500 to 5500 chassis cab Cummins diesel trucks.

This RAM PTO air compressor, called the Direct-Transmission Mounted 70 (DTM70), was previously released for Ford F-250 to F750 Power Stroke Diesel trucks and has proven to be a powerful, compact, and effective means of providing up to 70 CFM of mobile compressed air.

Common DTM70 Applications

VMAC’s new PTO air compressor for RAM (formerly Dodge Ram) is powerful enough to use for OTR tire inflation, 1” impact wrenches, 60 lb jackhammers and pavement breakers, and other small to medium sized air tools with high air demand.

The DTM70 produces up to 70 CFM at 100 psi (175 psi max.) and is popular in industries such as:

  • commercial tire service
  • oil and gas mobile mechanics
  • utility servicing
  • heavy equipment repair
  • sign installation
  • and more

Top 3 Benefits of VMAC’s PTO Air Compressors For RAM

Fleet managers and operators will appreciate the core benefits of VMAC’s PTO air compressors, which apply to both the RAM and Ford applications. The top three benefits of VMAC’s DTM70 air compressor are:

70 CFM, 100% of the Time

The DTM70 provides up to 70 CFM of air at 100% duty cycle. Operators can enjoy continuous air flow at the power needed to get jobs done quickly and efficiently. Never experience air compressor delays again!

Decrease GVW By Up to 260 lbs

The VMAC DTM70 reduces truck weight by up to 260 lbs for two reasons:

  1. PTO air compressors don’t require a second engine, which makes these air compressors significantly lighter than alternative compressor types
  2. VMAC PTO air compressors are designed using components that are as lightweight as possible, without compromising on quality or longevity, which makes them notably lighter than competing PTO air compressors
ManufacturerCFM OutputWeight
VMAC 70 CFM150 lbs (wet)
Competitor 160 CFM285 lbs (dry)
Competitor 2125 CFM407 lbs (dry)

When RAM owners choose VMAC’s DTM70, they can rest assured that they are saving weight and reducing their GVW. In most cases, it’s enough weight for an alternative piece of equipment or numerous extra tools.

Easy To Operate

VMAC’s DTM70 air compressor is easy to use. Operators can simply turn it on or off using the digital control box, and the air compressor system will automatically engage the PTO, compress air, and adjust the engine RPM to match the air demand. In cold climates, the system’s built-in heater will automatically warm up the air compressor on the way to the job so it’s ready to work upon arrival.

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