The 5 Best Benefits of PTO Air Compressors For Service Trucks

August 26, 2019

It’s easy to love PTO air compressors. They provide air-on-demand at 100% duty cycle and are one of the most sophisticated types of air compressors on the market today. In this article, we breakdown 5 of the best benefits of PTO air compressors.

5. Reduce Weight To Increase Your Truck’s Payload

PTO air compressors are a great way to instantly increase payload. Instead of wasting weight on an above-deck air compressors, PTO air compressors let you maximize your vehicle’s GVW. PTO’s ditch a lot of weight because they don’t require a secondary engine and typically weigh 300 to 400 pounds.

But if you choose the right PTO air compressor, you can reduce that weight even further. Some PTO air compressors are designed with as few components as possible, which can save hundreds of pounds. For example, VMAC’s direct-transmission mounted PTO air compressor—the DTM 70—weighs a mere 150 pounds.

When you choose a lightweight air compressor, you’ll have more payload for tools, equipment and other materials you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

4. Save Your Deck Space For Other Stuff

One of the coolest benefits of PTO air compressors is that they are completely underdeck, tucked away in the undercarriage of your truck. This style of air compressor doesn’t take up a single inch of deck space, and we don’t have to tell you how valuable that deck space is.

VMAC’s DTM70 frees up to 25 cubic feet when compared to other styles of air compressors with a similar CFM output. By choosing a PTO air compressor, you free up more of your deck space for other things. How you use that extra deck space is completely up to you!

3. Reduce Fuel Consumption To Keep Profits In Your Pocket

While not all PTO air compressors include this feature, the best PTO air compressors will automatically idle the truck up and down to match the air demand. This eliminates excessive high idling, gets jobs done faster, and ultimately reduces fuel consumption—which keeps your profits in your own pocket!

To learn more about a system that has this capability, check out the DTM 70.

2. Tie Into Your Existing Fuel & Power Sources

When it comes to a no fuss, no muss air compressor system, it’s hard to beat PTO options. They are just so convenient. PTO air compressors tie into your truck’s existing PTO port on the transmission and thus uses the same fuel as your truck, resulting in a hassle-free solution for air-on-demand.

You don’t need to maintain a separate engine or run out to get extra fuel because the air compressor integrates into the truck’s pre-existing systems. Simply maintain your truck like you always do and you’ll have air available whenever you need it.

1. Easy to Operate & Get To Work

Best of all, PTO air compressors are easy to turn on and operate. PTO air compressor systems use remote controls and can tie into the crane remote, which makes it easy for you to operate the air compressor from a distance. When you need air, just turn the system on and you can instantly get to work!

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